2) Interaction of Multiple Bandwidth Estimation Streams

This project was started in Fall 2009. It is currently being prepared for submission to a leading venue.

The design of tools for estimating the end-to-end available bandwidth (AB) of an Internet path has been a fairly active area of research for nearly a decade. Several AB estimation tools (ABests) have been designed and evaluated both in simulations as well as wide-area Internet environments. Unfortunately, all of these evaluations consider only the performance of a single instance of ABest running on a given path. To facilitate wide deployment of these, it is essential to also study their performance when multiple ABests may be probing the bandwidth of a given bottleneck link.

In this project, we consider the above problem by:

  • Studying the interference and estimation of multiple overlapping ABest streams.
  • Considering changes to ABest designs that would help simultaneous streams in collectively estimating no more than the total bottleneck AB.