The research problems listed in this section are of immediate interest to me (and build on our recent work in this area). Some of these projects are smaller in scope than others and would be pursued in collaboration with existing PhD students. All of these require excellent experimental and analytical skills.

The list provided here is intended to merely help prospective students who do not already have research ideas that they would like to pursue. Most of this list is related to my current research theme. If you do have other interests in the general area of Networks and/or Distributed Systems, feel free to send me an email or talk to me. Also, I usually find that at any given point in time, I have more ideas in my head than I pen down on this site — so feel free to talk to me if you’re passionate about a certain type of research (I may already have something in mind along those lines).

  1. FPGA-based Implementation of High-speed Protocols

  2. Co-existence of Congestion Control Protocols

  3. AB = f(delay, loss)?

  4. Cross-layer Study of Internet Traffic Burstiness