3) AB = f(delay, loss)?

How is the available-bandwidth (AB) of an Internet path related to the end-to-end delay and loss rate?

Internet applications can be quite diverse in what support they require from the Internet. While some applications—such as online games—have stringent requirements of low response times but do not need much bandwidth, other applications—such as scientific computing and HDTV streaming—require large bandwidth for transfering massive amounts of data. In this project, we evaluate the applicability of traditional performance metrics, such as end-to-end delay and loss rates, for emerging high-bandwidth applications. Specifically, we are interested in answering the question: do high-bandwidth paths always have low delays and loss rates?

Research-components/open-issues in this project:

  • The primary issue in this project is that of collecting Internet operational data and studying the correlation between AB, delay, and losses, as a function of several factors—including the type of Internet application, the type of network topology traversed, the time of day, as well as the user population.
  • Research would also need to be conducted on how the above-mentioned correlation changes with increase in link capacities, traffic aggregation, and traffic load. This issue will be pursued by relying on a simulation- as well as lab-testbed.